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TELA Partnership Challenge Report

Please find below comments from the two day external review in December 2016:

  • The Headteacher, although part time, has an accurate and detailed knowledge of the school and individual pupils.
  • All staff are committed to the well-being of the pupils. The relationships within school are very positive and add to the very welcoming, caring ethos. There is a culture within the school of respect and tolerance towards others.
  • In all classes and across the school the well-being and care of the pupils is evident.
  • Pupils know who to go to if they want to discuss any problems or issues. They have confidence in the adults in the school to help them.
  • The curriculum is generally engaging learners and pupils spoke enthusiastically about the hands-on activities they enjoyed. Pupils’ writing is stimulated by the interesting texts and topics they study.
  • The Governors have high expectations and are very ambitious for the school and are keen to support and challenge the school to improve further.
  • Pupils have a sense of pride with their work and enjoy learning, especially where there are a variety of active tasks. They also enjoy discussing their ideas.
  • Pupils have very positive attitudes to learning. They are polite, respectful and friendly to their peers and adults in school.
  • Teachers follow the agreed procedures and their marking helps pupils improve their work; this is clear from recent evidence. Observations confirmed that assessment for learning information is used to pitch work at an appropriate level.

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