Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School


Can you teach someone at home how to sound our new phoneme ow. Remember the rhyme -  blow the snow.

Maybe you could pretend to be a teacher and make some word cards with ow words. Parents here are a list of ow words they could attempt:

blow, snow, flow, show, grow, glow, row, mow, bow, tow

Maybe you could build a sentence for me with one or a few of these words.

Parents, try to make the sentence achievable for them. There are some ideas below.


e.g. The snow day is fun.

       I can see lots of snow.

       I can see a snowman.

       I have made a snowman.   (please note these maybe written using their known phonemes

                                                        ‘I can mayk a snowman’  ‘ I hav mayd a snowman’)

ow phoneme rhyme