Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

May Half-Term Homework

Year 1 and children in Year 2 retaking the phonics screening


Dear parents and carers,

On the week commencing the 12th June, your child will be completing the KS1 phonics screening check. Please see the extra revision materials that your child was sent home with to support your child with their phonics knowledge over half-term.

If you are looking for additional challenges to help support practising phonics at home, then you can write some of the words from the lists included and ask the children to dot and dash the words themselves.

There are also some additional phonics games on our class page on the school website that children can use to help practise their phonics. Please see the link below.

Kind regards,

Mr Gray

Optional Homework

Next half-term, the children will be exploring how the weather effects our lives. As part of this unit, the children will be exploring the following key questions.

  • 1: What is the weather?
  • 2: How does the weather change through the four seasons of the year?
  • 3: Why isn’t the weather the same everywhere in the world?
  • 4: How can Antarctica be a desert when it’s the coldest place on Earth?

If you are looking for work to do over the half-term, it would be useful for the children to begin exploring and discussing weather and how it effects both where we live and other places in the world.

The children are welcome to bring in any work that they do at home to share with the rest of the class. They can also be as creative as they like with how they produce their work. It could be a video, PowerPoint, poster, piece of artwork or anything else that inspires them.


Kind regards,


Mr Gray