Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

Snow Day Activities

Hello Maple Class! Here are some activities that you can do at home today. Please also make sure to take some time to go out and enjoy the snow!


Please feel free to bring in to school or email any photographs of you and your family enjoying the snow and we will share them together.


Have a great day!


Mr Gray

Writing a Snow Poem

I would like you to write a poem about the snow. Take a walk or play in the snow to inspire ideas for your poem! Think about what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel/touch when you are outside. Write down some ideas you might include in your poem.


Examples of ideas to help you think about your poem:

  • cold,
  • snowflakes
  • snowman
  • sledging
  • crunching of snow
  • white blanket of snow
  • footprints in the snow



Can you make your poem rhyme?

Can you use alliteration in your poem?


Look at the videos and examples below to help you think about what to write!

Resources to help write your poem

Winter wordmat to help think of ideas for your poem

Example of a Rhyming Poem

Rhyming Word Cards to help write your poem

Doodle Maths Assignment


A Doodle Maths Assignment has been set for the children today related to some of their recent learning in class.

Phonics Revision Activities

Maths Revision Activities