Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

Anti Bullying

All children are a gift from God. They are all special and should be allowed to develop and grow in a nurturing environment secure in the knowledge that they are cherished.


Bullying violates the value that each child and adult has. It is essential to affirm that each person has the right to walk in freedom and security, to develop their full potential. Bullying is a denial of this basic right.


Pupils at Ullesthorpe C of E Primary School deserve an education in an environment which promotes high standards of teaching and learning. Our school expects a high level of behaviour from both children and adults to support and enhance this environment. Where bullying takes place, children’s ability to learn can be restricted and their true potential limited. 


All our children have the right to feel secure, to be able to trust without fear, and to expect protection from adults in positions of care and responsibility. They also have a basic right to take full part in their education in an environment that does not subject them to cruelty or create despair.


We are committed to a value system within which children and adults involved with them are entitled to be treated with respect and understanding and to participate without fear of intimidation. Any behaviour that undermines this is unacceptable- Bullying is everyone's business.


Working together as a school team, parents and community, we want to equip children with the necessary skills to prevent and deal with harmful or challenging situations. By teaching our children this knowledge and capability, we enable them to become not only happy, confident and successful children but happy, confident and successful adults too.


Bullying is the deliberate, pre-meditated and REPEATED physical verbal or emotional assault of an individual or group, by a single person or group. We explain this to our children as upset that has been caused Several Times On Purpose (STOP).