Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School


Science Intent Statement


At our schools we want our pupils to leave loving and understanding the ever changing nature of Science and to appreciate the enormous impacts it can have on our lives. We want our pupils to understand from their first day that they are active scientists with a natural curiosity that they can use as a strength to explore and understand the world around us. We aim for them to be confident self-teachers; making links, reasoning and justify their opinions using the scientific vocabulary they explored with us.


Our curriculum focuses on embedding key knowledge in the three areas of science, biology, chemistry and physics. Alongside this knowledge, the children are encouraged to act like scientists, using the skills of scientific enquiry. They will ask questions and choose ways to answer these by means of scientific enquiry; making careful observations, performing simple tests, observing over time, pattern seeking or research. We then encourage them to use their findings to make their own scientific conclusions. In our school the science curriculum is not taught solely in isolation, but offers links with technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and where possible other curriculum areas.


Our pupils should leave our school imbued with science capital by deepening and broadening their experience of science through; learning about scientists today, scientists in the past and how science impacts our daily lives today. We also aim to empower the children with how science might shape their future. We hope children will be aware of the possibilities of science in their lives and become positive scientific role models.

Below you can view how we organise the teaching of all the science topics outlined in the national curriculum, for our mixed aged classes. Our curriculum runs on a two year rotation (Year A and B) so that all children cover all the science contents for their Key Stage.