Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

Learning Snapshots

Year 3 Cultural Visit

We were very grateful to the lovely Curate Rev. Phillipa at the Church of the Martyrs for her hospitality and brilliant answering of our questions. We found of lots about the church and its history as well as some of the important features of the church.


To help us remember our learning about Hinduism, we also had the privilege of visiting the Shree Jalaram Temple on a very important day for Hindu people - Maha Shivratri, which honours the Lord Shiva. We were fascinated by the different paintings on the ceiling and had lots of questions to ask.

Viking Long Ships

We have started to learn about the Vikings. We know that they were skilled craftsmen and excellent navigators. Here are some of our 3d model long ships.

World Book Day 2024

What a fabulous World Book Day! So many fantastic costumes and cosy clothes choices. We made trioramas to show off scenes from our favourite books!

Maths - Equivalent Fractions

We had a great time investigating the relationship between equivalent fractions using numicon. We now know the rule of “What you do to the bottom, you do to the top”. There were lots of opportunities to challenge ourselves and use our knowledge of multiples.

Art - Tie Dye

We have just started a new art unit looking at printmaking and textiles. In our first lesson we experimented with tie dye. As you can see it is quite tricky to tie the elastic bands tight enough so that the ink does not seep under them - we didn’t quite manage this time to get the classic white patterns that you normally see with this technique but these are our practice pieces.


Science - The Digestive System

In science we have been learning about the digestive system. We carried out an experiment to replicate the process of digestion. We mashed up biscuits, banana, orange juice and water in our plastic bag stomach before pouring the mixture into our tights or intestines. We then squeezed out all the nutrients (the liquid) and were left with the unwanted waste product.

Pizza Making

We have been thinking about the quality of the food we eat and where it comes from. Pizza making was a lot of fun and we got the reward of eating our hard work at the end!

Reading Core Text - Young Gifted and Black

There were so many interesting facts to discover in this book so we decided to showcase them with our fact files about people from the book who inspire us!

The Anglo-Saxons

We put on our 'Town Planner' hats and used the clues to help us find the best places for Anglo-Saxon villagers to settle. Some needed access to water, others to the clay bit and the Chief needed to be in the middle of it all! Our communication and critical thinking skills were put to good use!

Children in Need and Anti-bullying

Harvest Worship

Birch Class had the honour of leading our school Harvest collective worship at the Congregational Church in Ullesthorpe.

The Windmill Farmer Art

Whilst most of Year 4 were at Beaumanor Hall, we created some beautiful paintings based on the short film 'The Windmill Farmer'. All of the colours created were made from using only primary colours, black and white.

Beaumanor September 2023

Year 4 fun and adventure on their first residential trip!