Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School



Our History curriculum has been carefully chosen to provide children with a coherent, progressive and rigorous learning plan that will engage and motivate pupils, encouraging them to gradually expand how they see the world as young Historians, all the way through their Primary School journey from EYFS to Year 6. We also


Our History curriculum intends to instil a love of the subject of History within the children at our schools. We want them to feel as though they have no limits when it comes to their ambitions, and through our History curriculum and the delivery of History, we can inspire our budding historians, archivists, museum curators, archaeologists or research analysts. 


The curriculum aims to make all children aware of the actions of some of the important people in history, teach a range of British and world history, whilst appreciating how things have changed over time. This wider awareness of historical developments in the world is intended to stimulate children’s interests when it comes to learning about the life of people who lived in the past, an interest we hope they will carry forward beyond their time at primary school.



Our History curriculum will  encourage pupils to explore and develop the concepts and skills they will need as young Historians as they study a wide range of different topics in line with the National Curriculum. They will learn to describe, debate, question, analyse and evaluate various different aspects of History from around the world, including national, international and local History, from a wide variety of different time periods. They will be encouraged to evaluate and debate the validity of different sources and evidence in order to help them draw their own conclusions about different historical events.


From the moment children start with us in Early Years, we introduce the concepts of past and present, using stories and experiences to look at the lives of people around them and compare the similarities and differences over time.


In KS1, we build on this by looking at the children’s own personal history and provide a deeper exploration of chronology and timelines. The children also broaden their knowledge of significant events and people who have shaped society, locally, nationally and globally.


In KS2, each year group studies carefully chosen aspects of history, including local, British and ancient History topics. This is taught chronologically to allow pupils to consistently build on previous knowledge and learning by placing previously taught History topics on a timeline.



The impact of this curriculum will lead to outstanding progress over time across key stages relative to a child’s individual starting point and their progression of skills. Our History curriculum will also lead pupils to be enthusiastic young historians, as we aim to foster and develop a lifelong love and appreciation of the subject of History within our three schools.