Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

Oak Class

2023- 24

Welcome to Oak Class


Our priority is to nurture and support the eldest of our school's pupils as they head towards the next phase of their learning journeys; helping every one of them to be the very best that they can be. We regularly return to the theme of choices with our Year 5 and 6 children: they are all encouraged to reflect carefully on the choices they make as they grow and learn.


We are immeasurably proud to say that our eldest students are already rising to the challenge of being superb ambassadors and role models for our school community. Oak children's responsibilities across the wider school might include: 

Student Librarians; JSROs; Charity Champions; Wellbeing Ambassadors; Sports Ambassadors and School Councillors.


In Oak class, we aim to provide a rich and engaging curriculum which encourages a life-long love of learning in our children. We place a very high emphasis on the importance of reading and, as with all directed homework, we appreciate and depend upon the support of our parents to encourage and support a home-school learning partnership.


We will regularly communicate with our Oak class parents through emails and phone calls, but please do not hesitate to ask for a face-to-face meeting with your child's class teacher if any concerns or issues arise. We can't promise perfection, but we will always be approachable.


Key routines:

  • PE is timetabled for Mondays and Thursdays. Please ensure suitable PE clothing: dark shorts or joggers; white t-shirts; trainers; hair to be tied back; jewellery removed or ear-rings taped.
  • Homework is sent out weekly. In addition to the usual maths, reading, and possibly writing tasks, please remember to practise spellings and times-tables and other Maths facts using Doodle Maths (all 12 Times Tables should be secure by the end of Year 4).
  • Our children are asked to read regularly - at least three times weekly - at home and they all have access to the class and school library, and are encouraged to borrow two books at a time.


Many thanks for your support in all that we do for our fantastic Year 5 and 6 children here at Ullesthorpe.


Mrs Allen, Mrs Leese, Mrs Priest and Mrs Heritage

The Oak Class Teaching Team :)


Year 6 Questionnaire link



The survey is for your Year 6 pupils to complete, and can be accessed here:



2022- 23


Maths Week England


This week we had a go at lots of different types of maths and enjoyed the maths games on offer during break and lunch time.


We battled hard against Birch Class to become TT Rockstar champions laugh (It was very close!)


Mrs Bostock and Mrs Tithecott went a little overboard with the masking tape so we could explore shapes, lengths and angles - we got the pen off the desks eventually!

Hello Yellow 8th October 2021


Our charity champions did a fantastic job in promoting the #helloyellow for World Mental Health day with proceeds going the the Young Minds charity - as a school we raised £142! We thought carefully about how to keep our minds healthy and what to do if we feel overwhelmed. It is really important to have a good support network so we made paper dolls of our support networks!

Topic - What impact did Europe have on the continent of Africa?


We loved investigating this human geography unit. Working together we studied historic and recent maps to find out about the human and physical landscape of Africa and the vast wealth of resources which were hotly sought after by European countries in the late 1800s. Role playing as the different European powers in the historic 'Scramble for Africa' we planned, negotiated and became allies with different countries to take the resources we wanted. This helped us to think hard about the justifications that were given and the ongoing implications of this for the continent of Africa.


Here are our maps with different human and physical features of Africa - we have also added the sought after 'Jewels of Africa'.

Science - Investigating how air resistance


We have been using what we know about gravity, surface area and air resistance to design and investigation, make predictions, and carry out a fair test. 

Team Building September 2021


We had a great time developing our communication skills during the hula hut challenges in PSHE.

Oak Class 2020-2021

The children from Oak Class wrote, performed and filmed their review of the year. 

They chose different areas of t the curriculum that they particularly enjoyed and wanted to share.



The Recap 2021

Year 6 'Go Ape' June 2021

Oak Class 2019-2020

Year 5/6 Basketball at Lutterworth College Tuesday 4th February


So proud of the amazing teamwork shown by the Y5/6 basketball team.

Won 4 matches drew 1 and narrowly lost 2 - amazing!

Our visit to the national Space centre 13th January 2020


We launched our latest science topic, Earth and Space, with a fantastic trip to the national Space Centre in Leicester.  We had an opportunity to feel like we were actually in space during the Planetarium Show - what an amazing sensation! After that the children learnt how to programme a mini replica of the Mars Rover. 

Anglo-Saxon Exhibition Friday 13th December


We had an amazing day turning our classroom into an Anglo-Saxon Museum. We were able to share our learning with the whole school in the morning and lots of parents and grandparents in the afternoon.

We had some fantastic feedback. It was the best exhibition yet!

Anglo-Saxon Exhibition in Action


As part of our ICT work we are exploring writing a BLOG, we have taken our class responsibilities of being in Class 4 and decided to write about them, aswell as information about our topics.  Most of us have worked in pairs to write, edit and add pictures to our blogs.  We will add each one once complete.

       Team     points


This year’s 2019\2020 Team pointers are Gracie Mai, Bath, Greta Holly.

 We collect in team points on a Thursday lunch time, the teams are. Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. We announce the results in the Friday morning assembly. PLEASE remember to put on your team points. The Friday assembly is open to parents so come and support your child’s team. We have a display up in the hall so if you miss the assembly you can still see the team points.

 There is also pom poms   , so if

By Greta, Holly, Gracie mai and Beth  

The Aldi Event

At the moment the charity champions

 are Livy and Felix. The school is taking part in the Aldi event to try and

win a P.E kit for the whole school and a chance to win £20,000 for P.E equipment. We would like to announce that we have completed the sheet and are sending it to Aldi as soon as possible. But still keep bring in the stickers as we are intending to fill another sheet to double our chances of winning £20,000.

  By Livy + Felix

Since the Aldi event, we have also had Children in need 2019.  Children went to sing in the CIN choir, we made biscuits and sold them and raised nearly £500 wow, wow and wow, well done Ullesthorpe PS.


We are the JRSOs  


This year the JRSOs are Hope and Mason. We will be doing competitions and a club. For the competitions we will have a winner for each class and we will give out prizes to first place and a sticker for second place. We try to include everybody and give everybody a challenge but we try not to make it too hard. At our club we will be doing extra competitions, designing road signs and just having fun.  

In literacy we are reading a class book called Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, it is the first book of the awesome  series.   Alex Rider a 14 year old boy. In the first book Alex rider gets picked to work for MI6 and gets sent on his first mission.

We have now finished this text and have moved onto War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.



In oak class there are 6 library monitors they are: Hope, Gracie-Mai, Lottie, Iris, Tyler and Theresa. Our job is to look after the library and help people choose the books they would like. It is open on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. We choose if its KS2 or KS1 library. People can come in and have a quiet read. If it’s a nice sunny day we will go outside and read a story to KS1.

Library monitors in action

ANGLO SAXONS - Oak class topic

Our topic is Anglo-Saxons. There is a place called Sutton Hoo and they found lots of jewels and artefacts and lots of gold. In Sutton Hoo they found a rare helmet also when you wear the helmet your voice becomes deep so you’re voice can be heard. The leader wears the most valuable helmet. We are going on a trip to learn more about Anglo-Saxons.


Assembly monitors\ ICT

Greta and Hope do the ICT for the assembly. We think that it is really fun and also it helps us get better with computers.


There could be tech leaders to teach people how to use computers and class 4 are learning how to write a blog. 



In French we have been playing a game called douze. How you play that is that you count in a circle to 12 in French . whoever says douze sits down and the last man standing wins. whoever the winner is gets 12 (for douze) team points and a clap. We haven’t played that much yet, we have only played 2 rounds but the people who won are very lucky.

Energise club


Mrs Dawkins invited me and 4 other children to energise club on a  Monday morning before school.

We started this week and we did some yoga exercising we finished with a healthy snack.  By Michael

BEING A SPORTING AMBASSADOR By Filippos Filippardos and Hudson Muzzell

Hi we are the sporting ambassadors.

What we do as sporting ambassadors is we sort out fun games for the rest of the school at lunch and playtime.  Before we help the other classes to have fun out on the playground,we go to the lutterworth college to train to be a sporting ambassador.We also wear a T-shirt that says sporting ambassador on the be a sporting amabassador you have to take on a lot of responsibility and I think we can take on that kind of  responsibility.


This morning 29.9.19 we welcomed the 3 head of schools and Ms Prokipczuk to our class for a Learning Walk through maths.  we showed them how we can work practically and physically by doing our mental starter and re-teach in the hall.  We played runaround and ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, NEVER TRUE.

Can you spot the measure words..?

The Start of our SPY DANCE

Still image for this video
Our first lesson starting to brainstorm the SPY genre and putting our ideas into a short movement phrase. We warmed up exploring the 4 key dance shapes:- pin, wall, ball & twist, then devising actions/shapes to the count of 8 beats. We started still in Jamie's shape, travelled to the physical or mental zone in the hall, performed our action, then travelled to the other zone, whilst tying to listen to the changes in the tempo and beat of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE theme tune..! Our injured class mates took turns videoing our developments and writing notes in their books to help us remember the order. Well done the Mighty Oaks, a great start..! Lots to develop; I am so looking forward to seeing how we can improve this intro, changing dynamics and adding in more stimulus.

A Few Photos from Redridge

Project Gargoyle

Class Timetable

A.P.E. in the classroom!