Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

Want to have a go? Great science to try at home.

At Ullesthorpe CE Primary School, we follow an approach called Kitchen Science. The experiments we want our pupils to do should not require specialist equipment, and we want to encourage them to try the experiments at home - to show off to you!


Below is a selection of similar experiments from the Natural History Museum. There are some great ideas in there, but warning! Some can get very messy!

Children love to explore the world, and Science offers a great opportunity to do that. We will be looking for other great ideas for you to try at home, and when we find them, they will go here.

STEM Learning have released these great ideas for parents and pupils to try at home. The great thing about these activities is that they contain everything you need to know as a parent to help your child explore scientific ideas.


Each year group has it's own set, but you are always welcome to try one of the others from a different year group.