Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School

Stakeholder Feedback

Remote Learning Feedback


In January 2020, a couple of weeks into the third lockdown, we asked you for feedback on our school remote learning policy.


We had 42 responses in total

  • When asked “On a scale of 1-5, how happy are you with the remote provision being offered to your child?” the average score was 4.2.

  • 30 parents felt the amount of live lessons was “just right” and 2 said “too many” and 10 said "too few.:

  • 34 parents said the amount of work being set was “just right" and 8 said "too much."


Here are some of your comments:

  • 'Live lessons are engaging.'
  • 'Very glad you’re doing the live sessions. Gives a much needed structure to the day and helps me to balance both of us working at home. Thank you!'
  • 'Mrs Hartley continues to amaze and inspire me. She is incredible and brilliant at keeping the kids engaged. Huge well done!'
  • 'I think the teachers have once again done a brilliant job of engaging the children and have set interesting work for them, without them feeling overwhelmed or there being too much. Thank you.'
  • 'It has been clear that a lot of thought, effort and preparation has been put into the learning from home lessons and packs, thank you to you all.'
  • 'I think how the school have responded is fantastic, and the provision of learning on offer has been very good as well.'

Parent Surveys

Some highlights from our 2020 parent survey:

  • ‘The pastoral support offered by the school is excellent, both from the classroom perspective and also from the ELSA initiative.’

  • ‘Really happy with the school and our child’s first year there!’

  • ‘The school and the trust responded to the Covid-19 crisis very well.’

  • ‘It’s a warm and nurturing school and I feel very grateful it is in our village.’

  • ‘All staff are very dedicated to their roles and it shows on a daily basis.’