Ullesthorpe Church of England Primary School


Computing Curriculum Intent Statement


Technology has become the backbone for modern society. At our schools we want to equip our children to embrace and participate meaningfully in a world where technology has transformed everything we do. We want children to leave our school with the confidence that they can be flexible with technology, using it purposefully to navigate through life.

With technology rapidly shaping how we work, communicate and interact with others; our curriculum places a high importance on nurturing children to be safe online. It is our goal for our children to quickly understand and value the importance of online safety, encouraging the end goal of children becoming independent and responsible users of technology. There are strong links between Computing and our Personal, Social, Health and Emotional work (PSHE), as well as STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths).

Children will be given the opportunities to use and develop key knowledge such as keyboard skills, using a mouse, shortcuts, internet searches and publishing. We encourage children to use technology to enhance their learning and make creative links with other subjects. 

Our curriculum will also provide children with key knowledge about how computers and computer systems work. Children will learn how they are programmed through opportunities to learn the core concepts of computational thinking (see image below). 

It is our intent for children to develop themselves and become confident, curious and resilient users of computing technology. We will use a variety of approaches to teach key skills in computing- these will not always be taught digitally, but may be “unplugged” lessons which help children to unpick processes and concepts.

We are constantly adapting and reviewing our curriculum so that it mirrors relevant changes and developments in society. For example, we have adopted Google Classroom as means of extending the classroom to support home learning. 

Computing - Intent, Implementation and Impact

Computing - Overview

Computing - Progression and Skills